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2016 Breakthrough Challenge




Toronto, Ontario

The 3rd annual Research Breakthrough Challenge where one researcher will be awarded $10,000 to further their study. This year's researchers bring issues like anorexia, sustainable healthcare and illness awareness to the forefront:

Yuliya Knyahnytska is currently working on a trial with patients who have severe treatment-resistant anorexia. She is using brain stimulation to see if they can help with the obsessive and compulsion elements that are so debilitating in eating disorders. VIDEO:

Claire de Oliveira’s research looks at high-cost patients of the healthcare system, and makes recommendations on how to improve care and reduce the cost of frequent users.

Phil Garretson is focused on illness awareness, studying the brain to understand how the different areas of the brain relate to patients understanding of their illness, with a primary focus on Schizophrenia. VIDEO:

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