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Virtual Sound Bath

Power down after a long day and prepare the body for deep, restorative sleep – all from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Sound Bath
Virtual Sound Bath

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Don’t know what a sound bath is? If you’ve never experienced one before, a sound bath is a type of guided meditation that uses carefully curated tone-inducing tools such as crystal bowls, gongs, and chimes that trigger the brain to slip into a more relaxed state (known as alpha and theta wavelengths). Sound baths are scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and stress and bring enhanced clarity, creativity and focus into your life. 

2023 Virtual Sound Bath for Mental Health

Join us on Monday June 12th at 8pm EST for a one-hour virtual sound bath experience hosted by CAMH Engage and @pauseexpand. All proceeds will benefit the @camhfoundation. Bring your headphones and join us from the comfort of your home to support this incredible cause.

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