CAMH Engage is proud to raise funds to support the research of CAMH Scientists. Learn more about the breakthrough research that has been supported by the $10,000 Breakthrough Challenge grant to date:  

Dr. Stephanie Ameis
Clinician Scientist, Child Psychologist

2015 Winner

The ResearchA new treatment for Autism to improve executive functioning via brain imaging and stimulation in order to support improved motor functions and independence in tasks.

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her CAMH biography.

Dr. Juveria Zaheer
Clinician Scientist, Psychiatrist 

2018 Winner

The Research: A qualitative research study to engage family members who have lost someone to suicide in order to understand how to improve mental health care and policy in an effort to increase suicide prevention.

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her CAMH biography.

Dr. Thomas Prevot
Project Scientist

2019 Winner

The Research: The development of new molecules to treat cognitive deficits in depression, meaning impairment in memory, attention, and impulsivity - with the goal of taking those molecules to clinical trials. 

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his CAMH biography.